after that snow walk ….

it snowed last night. they said it was going to.
they said that when i wake up tomorrow it’ll be a rainy, slushy mess. maxx and i walked to myrtle avenue when i determined from my window onto to dodworth street that the world outside had gotten that “greeting-card-quality look” befitting this little slice of heaven i call home.
i recently found quality, late-night music online. a stream offshoot of WQXR, a classical station once owned by the new york times, now a non-profit arm of WNYC, but it’s not about either station; rather a digital online entity of both called Q2 – you gotta go there to find out about it – it’s nothing but a hodgepodge of new, experimental, classical and electronic.
my late-night cup o’ tea.
i chose to use the word “hodgepodge” because it seemed a good fit in speaking about anything NPR, hence the link.
it gave me an “omnium-gatherum” of other “oddments” i could use further on……
it’s a perfect follow-up to this night’s snow walk, this pilgrimage to mister kiwi, the korean greengrocer who’s on speaking terms with maxx and greets me always with a friendly “hi boss” when we meet.
my reply to him is “yo guy”.
it seems to work for us both.
but this is done and done and i’m up in the loft of the loft.
buddy sleeps close by on the bed near the space heater. i’m seated on a chair at an old typing table, the kind with flaps that lock into place with a menacing “clack” at either side of the compact table to the left of the bed and heater.
with all “clacks” in place, the table measures not more than 18″ by 36″ inches. it’s enough for the laptop, some computer speakers and small stuff like a cellphone, syringe and a pack of tums.
the romantically dark notion employed this moment disappears when i mention the word “insulin.”
i boot up every night before going to sleep.
if i knew i’d be using needles like this… never mind.
i’d have been dead years ago.
at the moment, i’m listening to arvo part and the los angeles symphony, i think.
i just reread what i posted earlier this day (“day” being a loosely-defined stretch of time that has always held a certain fluidity even at this age) and for a moment considered pulling it from the site.
my relationship with my friend, who i happen to love and adore, (something i didn’t mention in that post), is intrinsically linked to the keyboard, so many of my thoughts and the syringe that sits before me.
i will sleep on this notion.
i awoke this morning, peered out onto dodworth street and saw the huge puddle this new day is.
i suited-up accordingly (this is catch-death-of-cold weather), took maxx out for a harshly-abbreviated constitutional, hustled up a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee and returned to my desk, the one that holds the old mac G4 tower that buddy is fond of sleeping on, though at the moment he’s finding more warmth coming from the cable box atop the TeeVee box (thank you early cuyler).

this is a perfect day to do as little as possible.
and yeah. the post stays.

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