geez – these are better than photos!

youtube videos from goodbye blue monday
but the photos will continue, i promise. i uploaded a mass of photos onto my computer and they managed to get lost. i’m sure i had something to do with this and will reluctantly take responsibility, because that’s the kind of guy i am.

that’s “the way i roll”

for the moment, however, please enjoy our inaugural archive of videos shot live onstage here. the quality will only get better though the sound quality is pretty-damned good, to tell you the truth and that too, will improve.

the spatula-cam has been successfully mounted. here’s the spatula-cam recipe;

one webcam,

a small welder (person or machine AND person),

one spatula mounted to an upside-down cymbal stand whose legs were cut and replaced with a welded tee-form that has hose clamps attached

wood putty

something to flatten-down the wood putty to give a level surface,

time (time makes the wood putty harden) and it’s free

velcro (some to put on the the cam base, some to put on the hardened wood putty)

put it all together so it looks like this, and you have a spatula-cam like this





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