the wind


there was plenty of it at fort tilden.
they said on the radio today that we could expect wind gusts of up to fifty miles an hour and they might have been right about that.
it was the reason me and maxx came out here.

well, that and the desire to go to a “good place” and call my friend.
i say “call my friend” in a rhetorical sense. i think and dream and pray and hope and pray and dream and maybe even holler and whisper and speak in a sensible voice as i speak to her.
i tell myself she retreats to a place where she can rest and get ready to resume her battle. i do my best to believe this.
i think we all do this at times or at least that’s what i believe at this moment.

believe believe believe.
i also believe my friend is the most courageous person i ever knew in all my time on this planet.
ok. for the moment, i believe i’m done believing.

that hissing sound that’s been playing in my head is particularly up-front out here.
the ocean’s roar can’t trump the it, it can only play in concert with it.
the hiss plays above the sound of the wind through the trees.
that’s where i am now – sitting across from the marsh of the blue heron.
today, it’s the hissing marsh of the blue heron.

a song called “the wind” by a band called “circus maximus” played in my head as we walked.
it was one of my favorite songs back then…..
and as i walked the shore and watched the wind play its brutal fun with the incoming tide its jazz riffs, cool piano and lead singer with a conversational voice played along with me.
the band also had a guy named jerry jeff walker who would gain fame for writing the song “mister bojangles” soon after.
he made it pretty famous, then the nitty-gritty-dirt band made it famous-er. it got so famous that sammy davis junior made it part of his show everywhere he went;

i may have mentioned this a few years ago.
that’s another thing i don’t remember.

but i digress.
i was talking about wind and good places and trying to keep touch with the divine in these things.
maxx is resting next to me on that bench where i sit in wait of the great blue heron, only today it’s not really on my mind.
today, after the walk on the windy beach we went to the nike’ missile base where maxx ran and ran, then i got a bright idea to “trailblaze”
we ended up mired in brambles and rose thorns and i relied on maxx to extricate me from this mess, which he did with quiet dignity.

cnn has been doing a story about how smart animals really are.
to that i say, “oh, really?”

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  1. Stacey says:

    a little piece of Heaven….maybe

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