citibank will tank, so they buy a $50million private jet. Velcrominon 324-A – Hibiscusproxy GS19273?

in the entire world of finance, will not one of these douchebags apologize and own up to anything?
does getting a degree in pyramid finance (let’s just call it what it is at this stage of the car-wreck) elevate a person to a plateau of utter nonsense?
they sure showed the big three automakers a thing or three with that stunt.
merrill lynch.
max bialystock could be seen from the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth-dimension, provided you’re a little further out than he is, sparking eternal human radio waves that, once caught and deciphered, translates to “that’s it baby; when you got it, flaunt it” – but in the movie where bialystock lived, it applied to what someone had earned, not what was pickpocketed from the government or from taxpayers.
i read a letter written by a thain employee “fan” who described “greed” as a feeling.
it put this into a very sad perspective. that something biblically unattractive (in a word, immortalized with six other “deadly sins))can become a “feeling”, something in the realm of happy and sad, something so fleeting.
“i woke up this morning and felt so,,,,greedy. i just wanted to rip my mother’s gold fillings right out of her mouth, and i did! i’m funny that way!”
i was furious. i didn’t know what to think.
and then i took a long look at john thain and it became clear as polished glass.
did he become lunch-and-a-suit the day of the merger with Bank of America? – or did something even-more otherworldly happen with this guy? look at him.
something’s going on here, for sure.

are there cosmic others vying for human product?
maybe… these guys?

it gave me the shivers. i began to think this planet and its inhabitants were mattering less and less here. it’s one thing to find out that an unattractive demographic of humanity was a gourmet crop to some discerning lizards, a universal hop-skip and jump from earth, but now i had to consider if and where these other beings fit into the mix.

my original plan for this note was to spend time speaking about what i had read in the NYtimes earlier in the week. it seemed important that some attention be paid to the way the new president was moving swiftly, addressing the things he promised in his campaign. working and working, then working some more.
i find it heroic.

i hadn’t planned on this other thing, but i felt i had to go see what those grifting lizards had to say about this john thain guy.
maybe i was just being paranoid.
imagine that.
besides, with all the snow and rain on wednesday, i wondered if there was any movement on the big tire today. i was hoping for high tide and crushing waves.
i know what you’re thinking.
with lizards and aliens all around me, how can i concern myself with the happenings of a thousand-pound tire stuck in the sand?
i figure, after learning about the lizard guy, what’s to sweat about?
once humanity made it onto the galactic menu, finding out you might be someone else’s double-A battery is just another minor inconvenience –
one more bullet to dodge before sparking up to light speed when said and done is said and done here on this mortal coil.
my question about this new interplanetary wrinkle is this;
will i have to look back or ahead from the eighth electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth-dimension to see where these aliens might be heading from or going to and whether it’s back or ahead or if it’s “universal” back or ahead.
could one of my original equipment molecules fizzle by and catch a word with one of them in the middle of plasmafueling a galaxial projectoscooter heading on a trip to
Velcrominon 324-A – Hibiscusproxy GS19273?
i’ve always wanted to go there.
or then.
or it.
me and maxx went beach. me to find some answers, him to be a 90-pound+ dog celebrating his fifth birthday.

happy birthday maxx

i’ve decided to not dwell on the conversation i had with the woman-lizard person driving the silver dodge PT-cruiser, except to say that she had told me that the aliens do want to use us as batteries, but i’ll tell you those details later.

and one other thing that i think is important you know;

with the amount of salt on this stuff, it could be anything.

Velcrominon 324-A – Hibiscusproxy GS19273?
google it!

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  1. Just me says:

    Happy Birthday Maxx…..and many more

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