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i’m sitting, post sunday lunch, composing a note in response to a note sent by a reader of my ramblings, suggesting that this stuff be printed up and archived in “hard-copy” for the end of days of digital technology. he understood my desire to humanize my dealings out here, even if it’s just using the word “note”.
while it made me feel incredibly happy that someone feels what i type here might be worth keeping, the thought of finding another cubby for more stuff is almost daunting. part of this is the absolute truth; the rest is a saute’ of “laziness”, with a dash of “throwing-in-the-towel” and a pinch of “desperation”.
somewhere in there you might also find a little bit of “it doesn’t really matter anyway”.
which is universal truth consomme’.

the universe cooks, on and on, ever expanding and yes, there’s a whole lot of importance in who we are and what we do, but it barely matters a lick beyond the scope of our own existence. if and when we explore mars and set up camp on a moon of jupiter, i don’t see us being more than what the grifting lizards are here. we’ll be there to learn, colonize, habitate and extract. it’s what we do. it’s what the grifting lizards from mars do, so when they tell me who they had for lunch, or i see the grisly initial fit of ken lay’s or madoff’s son’s suit on one of those, well, i temper my abhorrence with what ginger rogers said to me those days ago on the walk to the plaza “a girl’s gotta eat”.
fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly.
a human being doesn’t have to amass more than it needs.
it chooses to. but somewhere in there, it crosses a line and it hoards and schemes and steals and tears and rapes and kills and controls.
charlie manson, the talibam, dick cheney, islamo fascists, nazis and the christian right (who look very much like the preceding group), have one thing in common.
can you find what it is?
the relentless agenda. which is a great name for a band.

but with me is the disclaimer;
everything that i think is subject to edit
everything can change in the matter of a second or a situation.
it’s integral to my own survival.
otherwise, i would have made one of those appointments i just had to keep a long time ago and kept it.
that’s why so much about this place doesn’t matter.
and so much of this place does.

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