…and madoff’s son’s lizard told me….

as i do on saturday nights sometimes, i inventory my week.
i wet a paper towel and put it in the left-hand corner of the small TV table i had placed to the right of this computer station. i would use this to keep my fingertips moist so i can count the one-dollar bills i had in buddy’s emergency-fund jar. the emergency’s long over, but i still keep the tin for what i call my “hope” money.
this causes me to remember niall ferguson and that pbs “the ascent of money”
this causes me to remember the next day when it snowed and my trip to the beach, which reminds me about the photos i took and posted and the part of the posting where i mention a car driving past me on the road back to the parking lot and the lizard-guy who looked like madoff’s son i saw going past me.

ok. this is what happened;
when i got to the parking lot he was there waiting for me. there were no other cars there. he parked two parking space away from me just like the ayn rand lizard did.
maxx is scared shit of these guys, but by now you know this.
i put him in the car and walked over to the silver ford escort he was driving.
i’ll never know why it’s important for me to remark about each and every car they drive and i’m not sure if the places they park in relation to my car have any rhyme or reason.
i made the mistake of thinking these things as i was walking around to my side of the car where the ford was about eight feet to my left, when the passenger-side window of his car slid down and he said this to me;
“that stuff you’re thinking has nothing to do with anything. you might be trying to figure out something that there’s really no use in thinking about, but you’ll think about it anyway. that’s why we love this place. your brains are….what’s the word?” there was a pause, then through his reptilian throat came a dry gurgling sound, almost like a creaking door, that changed from higher to a lower-pitch, then went up, increasing in speed and pitch till it almost ripped my ears apart. i covered my ears and pitched my head downward, much in the way captain kirk did countless times in star-trek episodes.
“sorry about that” he said, “i just couldn’t find a an earth word for it, and you really do that like william shatner who…”
“..is a suit worn by one of you guys?” i interjected.
“no”, said the madoff son-lizard, “…who is highly regarded by the elders of our civilization.”
“oh, sorry,” i said. “can i ask a question?”
“you just did”
“i mean another one”
“you never get out of the car when i see you – any of you. any reason for that?”
“no” he said. “any other questions?”
“where’s the eduardo cianelli-sounding guy?”
“he’s underground for a while. he’s one of the elders.”
“you mean he’s, like gone?…went into hiding?”
“no. he’s underground, like under where your feet are. that underground.”
i pointed at the blacktop i was standing on,”right here?”
“yup…gotta go”
“bu…but…wha?? why are you…?” was all i was able to say to him as he had already closed the window and went into reverse, driving away from me, then changing gears and gunning the car past me, flashing that lizard smile with those little, sharp teeth.
i stared down at the parking lot pavement, then slowly opened the car door. maxx was wrapped up in a ball, sleeping in the passenger seat.
how about that?
i’m trying not to think about it, because then they’ll know i’m thinking about it and shit, they’re probably laughing themselves silly right now because…..

other things i need to do;
i need to tell you that we had some great shows this weekend. and have tons more great new stuff coming up.
snazl.com is the future application that was made for artists whether musical, digital or otherwise.
embed it everywhere, make changes to one, you’ve made changes to all.
it snowed tonight and took some pictures;
snowy front and street, while inside……

the mansion family picnic was playing., it was a birthday party for the fiddler, jeff young;

you can see and hear lots of everything from tonight by going here – www.justin.tv/gbmcam

and i took some pics of the backyard in winter when it snows;

and took a picture of the tire chair. i found a whole bunch of tires of every size and siad “here, linus. have some fun”

and you can see a little of the mac G-3 chair, too

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