scared, white idiocy; the dark alleys that generate the stupidity of hate

this thing’s been laying around in my draft folder for the past month or so and i don’t want to throw it out because it might mean something to someone other than myself, that is, as it seems to, in moments and fits and starts….
from august 1st;
a few weeks ago i found myself becoming irked by the amount of press time the media was giving sarah palin. i was wondering how long this idiocy must go on. i was wondering if the new york times has dummed itself down.

alert; if you think sarah palin matters, i think…no…i KNOW that you’re an idiot and you should stop reading this.
all i will be doing is insulting you the way i insulted the morons who thought george bush was qualified to be president of the united states.
they were idiots and so are you.
in fact, you’re probably the same type of dimwit who liked bush because he was “folsky” and “regular” and “one of you.”
you, like he and sarah palin, are idiots.
i need to stress this so you understand.
you’re an idiot.
you are not qualified to make decisions that affect three hundred million americans. bush wasn’t. sarah palin isn’t and you’re demented if you can come to such a conclusion without grey matter seeping out of your ears because your brains are obviously puddled-doucheness.
and if you were a member of the press and bought into that line of shit until you were handcuffed for eight years with bush and now are attempting to disavow your actions while trying to cover your ass, shame on you.
chances are, you’re doing it again right now.
it’s what you do. it’s all you know.
that anyone continues to give palin, boehner, bachman, gingrich and that radio shitheel or those papsmears on fox any time and space in mind or thought are sheep and the shepherds that lead them are bought and sold like the despicable beings they service and are complicit in a criminal sham.
or, maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about.
maybe the spineless and bought democratic-party politicians and the liars who’ve been slithering along on their hatefully fat bellies on the republican side for decades, as well as all the other scared white racist maggots who move en-mass like certain cancers, using patriotism and honor in their own inimitable way, using september 11th as a lie, hiding behind their own restless fear and ignorance are pathetic reasons for taking up time and space and are the surest reasons i can reckon why humanity doesn’t have a chance and i’m pretty ok with that notion.
there will forever be douchebags.
we’re doomed with them.
there will always be a dr. smith in our “lost in space.”
and to those who suffered losses on 9/11, consider this;
murderous crime visited my family in the heartland of america, but i’m not burning down churches or getting even with other stupid white people because of it.
murderous crime is as american as apple pie, the NRA and jim crow.
portions of white america, the ones who live the dream of hate and the ones these words are aimed specifically toward are sad, scared and have been doing this shit for three-hundred years.

suspension of the tattered shreds of the constitution is a stooge’s errand and america has no shortage of you dimwits.

and i am continually amazed at how the press buys into it, then when i breathe and remember where i am – planet earth – it becomes so…clear.
the right has america trained.
the left has been trained by circumstance – they just don’t get it.
obama sort of tried, but got his marching orders on inauguration day.
america has america trained.
the “independent” is not so discerning as he/she is skittish and restless and as american as the short attention span and the fast-cash-fix.
the tea party is a fucking bad cartoon.
a month or so ago, someone posted this on facebook and it got “viral” a little bit.
george carlin got the message long ago.
it’s always been there.
the fix is in.
the grifting lizards from mars taught me to let it go and just be grateful that i wasn’t on their menu and wasn’t yet scooped up and used by those other aliens who use humanity as batteries.
planet earth is chock full of surprises for those comfortable with the notion that there are no surprises.
my various trips to “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension” have always proven to me that the wonder of the day is luck enough for the likes of me.

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