i can’t give you anything but gloves, baby

baby, it’s cold outside. hmmm.
the car’s in the shop. i’m hoping that it can pass one, last inspection. it’s seventeen degrees out. with buddy asleep to my right, i woke to that holiday feeling of doom and sadness. it was a temporary situation. it took about five minutes.
i make believe that i have an umbo box in my head and i make up numbers – much in the way the smart-assed corporate con artists and ponzi-schemers do with the real umbo boxes that were delivered to them, lo, those many years ago; those who have become or will become suits and snacks for the grifting lizards from mars – and hope my numbersĀ  will alter the cosmic landscape. the umbo box in my mind is sending those numbers to the eighth electro plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension.
you never know.
on earth they call it praying for a little luck.
i’ve been gifted with an old, black and white screwball comedy as the backdrop to this digital scrawl. “bringing up baby

and when this ends, there’ll be a few frank capra movies. students of film probably know about him. he made comedies laced with populism and social commentary. he was pretty good at it. good enough to win three oscars in five years as a director. i wonder if the eye and mind of someone half my age connects with these films. if they can connect with these actors as characters emotionally or is being familiar with the black and white image a prerequisite to that connection. i don’t have any way of knowing other than to ask the crew here, but they breathe movies.
“it’s all online”
i might start saying that all the time.
once i start, watch out,…..but back to populism.
populism was the hook of the obama campaign. change and hope are simple.
well, the words are at least.

from howard hawks screwball comedy and frank capra’s populism to john ford’s depression epic, steinbeck’s “the grapes of wrath”…..
maybe it’s that i can’t escape the news that i’m escaping.
i don’t think i’ve watched more than three episodes of Hardball or Countdown since the election. i’ve searched that Madoff scam just enough to say, “toldja” (his own sons didn’t know about it. they’re high-ranking officers in the company. now that’s plausible deniability!

why shouldn’t i feel a little blue?
here’s a little bit of the joads and the current new york times;

…….with all the numbers running through my head, maybe the eighth-plasma-ocean of the ninth-dimension will remind me that i’m so damned lucky….and the lizard people, who have been dining here for centuries, are just doing what they need to do to survive.
next time i’m out at the beach with maxx, i think i’ll discuss american film with that eduardo cianelli-sounding lizard-guy.
maybe i need to know about that river that keeps going…….
or try to, anyway.

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