“….and what if i don’t?” a meditation

what if i don’t write about this subject?
i can always just delete this and you’d never know this happened, so at its simplest form – thought – it’s nothing but a choice, but later up the road i’m traveling, i assure you, it’s going to get “complicated”….sort of.
before this, i want to post some video, sampling why i love where i am and what i do.
first is genghis barbie

they were followed by “watcher” who was then followed by guns guns guns. the following video is them.
there’s five minutes of music here – pay attention to the last three minutes of it – it’s quite good.

but that’s just me.
please note, these acts followed one another and was followed by something completely different – “real rock n roll,” when a DIY venue in the neighborhood was raided and a band showed up looking to finish their set here. we let them.

sorry – i was out of recording time.

but, i started out this note with “what if i don’t” and i’ll end it with this;
i’ll “do” in my next note.

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3 Responses to “….and what if i don’t?” a meditation

  1. Theresa says:

    I think a band called Watcher followed Genghis Barbie, followed by Guns Guns Guns….

  2. steve says:

    you’re absolutely correct – sorry for the error – it’s been repaired

  3. Theresa says:

    Thank you Steve for the correction 🙂 Also, the video following Genghis Barbie is Guns Guns Guns, not Watcher, it is just a little confusing there. Thank you again! 🙂

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