census workers, rescue ink and RESCUED KITTENS (no kitting! – please help)

returning with bundles of ice, i walked into the store today surprised with a bustling little room.
there were – of course – our regular innernet folks and the now familiar census workers who meet with their superiors (they’ve been meeting here since they were sent out into the field), but there was another crowd here, all sort-of biker-looking guys wearing the same black tee with white lettering, the information i wasn’t yet able to decipher between my bad eyesight and the extreme adjustment from light to dark those familiar with this place would know about.

it ends up it’s these guys (a lot of them, not all of them) from Rescue Ink, a show that screens on NatGeoTV.
they’re on the hunt to rescue dogs from a house a few doors behind us on dodworth street. when i met them, they told me what was up and who they were after.

i informed them that Animal Precinct (a show on animal planet) paid a visit to this same house over four years ago.
when you can make a cottage industry out of man’s inhumanity to animals, it’s a gentle reminder (to me) why that lizard guy who sounds like eduardo ciannelli (and looks like omar sharif) delights in farming on such a planet so delightfully diverse in rubes and cretins.
i continually marvel at how certain members of this family of man feed so well on cruelty.
i wonder if they find it simply “satisfying” or something more along the lines of “scrumptious.”
let me get away from such thoughts.
my friend hans (hgullickson@gmail.com) found a basket of kittens on the street today. there were four. he found homes for two.
we have two kittens who need a home.
care to help?
contact hans at the above e-mail address.
it looks like this;


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One Response to census workers, rescue ink and RESCUED KITTENS (no kitting! – please help)

  1. oriana says:

    Hans found kittens? GBM is sitting on an unconscionable dog farm? Can I have one of each, please???

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