what i will have done had i had the will to do what with

i take out my phone and flip it open absently-mindedly to make believe i’m checking the time though i’m most probably checking for text messages or voicemails i know that i haven’t gotten.
i do this way too often in any fifteen-minute timeframe.
when i am anywhere near a computer, i check all of my “social-networks” (am i using this in the proper context?), looking for the the information i hadn’t gotten on my phone, though you wouldn’t know it because, as i stated, i “seem” to be checking the time and i have that “casual glance” down to a science. i peer out to the street and check the traffic coming and going with “deliberateness.”
so deliberate am i that i google the word to make sure i meant what i meant in saying what i said.
i’ve been with the same low-level headache for two weeks now, half the time wondering if it’s stress, the other half pondering the notion if it’s the aneurysm i’ve been expecting since 1962.
this feeling comes and goes, like the headache.
feelings and headaches come and go like the tides that i observe from the dunes until september 15th when maxx and i regain the beach…

until then, it’s love from a distance…..

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