the snowy beach i didn’t photograph, the lizard in the compact car

a new year’s eve party
this just came in on the GBM wire. pretty cool.

new york ONE spoke of rain in the day and some snow at night, but as i walked my dog tuedsay afternoon, the white stuff began to fall and maxx and me seized the moment. we jumped in the car and headed to fort tilden.
both my dog and myself are suckers for snowfall.
i hadn’t expected to make it there while the snow still fell, but it was worth a shot. i had committed to give maxx at least one day of the week during the off-season in gateway national park where he could run his heart out. the village voice made it a go-to place in their best-of NYC this year. that pissed me off. i was prepared for an onslaught of out-of-state “finders” and for a few weeks there were eight cars in the parking lot instead of five. this time of year belongs to the fisherman, locals, dog-people like me and lizard people like that eduardo cianelli-sounding guy who ate omar sharif. omar is on my mind because goodbye blue monday will be screening “Doctor Zhivago” next sunday night, december 21st in the backyard Cardoba Garage theater while there’s all sorts of rock and roll going on inside, onstage.
i don’t think i ever snuck in a pre-show pitch into a blog. i’m going to let it stay and see how i feel about it when i read it tomorrow. then there’s this time out new york thing up top.. life is edit and edit is tide spelled backyard, and everything changes eventually anyway.
let me show you how the tide has been editing things out here;
three weeks ago;

ten days ago;

last time i saw this five-foot in diameter tire was friday, the day after PC Richard got my camera, so i was not able to take pictures of the incredible beach that day. the ocean was so powerful that day that i recall thinking to myself, “thank god fish know how to swim. they could drown in this stuff,” and meant it.  i’ve wanted to document the journey of this tire. it’s getting ready to leave the beach and move on. maybe there are tires that follow the monarch butterfly, the canadian geese and the ponzi scheme.
ok. maybe not the ponzi scheme. greedhounds and their anonymous martian-lizard pursuers follow those things, and i know how that all ends, you betcha.
if you wander back a bit in these blogs, you’ll find a ponzi scheme-link because i claimed that’s what has been driving this economy – it was the lizard people who reminded me of it, what with their diet of self-assured, arrogant thieves who think absolutely nothing about the people they rob and ruin, but now’s not the time to talk about that or this madoff guy. that’s for later. besides, he’s just one of many. you can rest assured, there’s a bunch of corporate ass-covering going on all over the world right now. the mens wearhouse is featuring camouflage three-piece suits with two pairs of trousers. the second pair for after they shit themselves over the trouble they’re in. there is much sagebrush over the horse-and-wagon-tracks like in cheesy westerns. there are corporate weasels laying in the beds of rivers and streams breathing through reeds and bamboo-shoots of accounting files waiting for the SEC or whatever government posse-on-the-move to pass by so they can resurface and slither downstream where they can meet up with creatures of like mind and try to make it out to sea where they ride the raft of old tires, the likes of which may have been part of a profit-analysis file from 1983, who knows? it’s a wide and wonderful world for cowering scam artists on-the-hide, but easy pickens for grifting lizards. what a hoot.
but first, back to the beach.
the tire has a large metal hook cut into it, as if it were a big round black sea creature with tread instead of scales that eluded capture when the line broke.
or it fell off the side of a trash barge. who knows?
whatever. that tire is on its journey, i’m on mine.
we met and we meet, we go and we’re gone. poof!
maybe sub-atomic thems add mees will flick and fizzle on the eighth electroplasma-ocean of the ninthdimension.
and then again, maybe not.
if my camera were working, you’d see this tire re-surfacing and much closer to the shore, and today – this snow-day – it’s even closer to leaving this beach. i feel as connected to this tire as i was to those terns by the water and butterflies in the dunes, maybe closer. i’m connected to the machine of man that stamps these things onto the planet for better or for worse.  i have four of this tire’s offspring waiting to get me home with another sleeping in the trunk. i wish i can photograph the terns at the shore today, walking in their definite and busy little way. how maxx would run and run, with these little birds effortlessly eluding him. i wish i could document all the whites and greys of the sea today. the beach and horizon with the straw-colored accents of the dunes mixing with blacks and dark reds of inert brush and occasional greens of the all-season leaf and beach-pine that never stops amazing me. i watch the brown-red maxx as he makes a wide arc back to me and as he slows, licks the snow for a drink. no need for the water bottle in the back seat today.
in other pics from other times, there are shots of the path like this. in order to sound like i know what i’m talking about, i regard the deflated red baloon as paramount in the composition of this pic;

maybe that’s the world economy on the road to whatever…..
maybe we’ve been found out and we’re makers of our own mess and the only way to survive is by using common sense.
no. that’s too much for particularly, upwardly-mobile humans. and not good for the grifting-lizards’ digestive system. too many “no can do’s” there.
which brings me to the “compact car with grifting lizard,” something that sounds like an artwork piece or title to a book a poetry which it might well become once i get to believing i’m a poet.
when i was about nineteen or twenty years old, i was such a poet that i was published in a college publication. if i decide once again that i’m a poet, i’ll have to see if i can find it so i can flash it like a union card, laminate or metro card so i can get back “in”
when i first got to the beach this snowy day (that i have no pictures of), i noticed a sky-blue mercedes suv that looked a lot like this one;

naturally, i assumed it was the grifting lizard whom i had become acquainted with, (though we never acknowledged that we were friends at this point), but remembered how he was driving the old chevy last time we met. after seeing that he wasn’t there i let it go…maybe i’d see him when i was leaving, though i sensed he was here, now. i wondered if the martian lizard people were capable of friendship or could only be “friends” in a “set-you-up-to-tear-your-spine-open” kind of way. like a grifter. maybe it’s simply the way mice and cats and dogs are. the foodchain thing. the tom and jerry cartoon thing, though this wide and wonderful world universe is chock full of exceptions to the rules, thereby rendering rules as moot at times….btw/
if you ever need to see extraordinary cartooning at its peak, you never need go past the world-war two era cartoons of this series. but that’s just me….

well. “to be a meal or not to be a meal,” at the moment wasn’t my question, i was on the path with my dog and the snow was still coming down and if you could imagine a layer of snow over all of the pictures above, even the mercedes, with a steady stream falling to the earth, covering me and maxx and all the living, though dormant, things to either side of the path, with a greyer sky than what you see in the photo with the red baloon, you’d get a slight sense of what i’m talking about. this miraculous “snow-time by ocean with tire,” another title for an artpiece or photo i didn’t take.
as we walked back in the direction of the parking lot, after walking on the beach to riis park, i noticed a late-model small toyota. a man dressed in a black suit carrying a valise was walking toward it. what’s a guy in a black suit carrying a valise doing on the beach in a snowfall? and why is this car parked in a remote spot where only gateway national park police and attendants are permitted? maxx, a generally aggressive animal who would have run toward him given the “off the leash” opportunity stayed close to me. it reminded me of my first encounter with the woman and man last march. this man never regarded me or my dog and seemed to be in a hurry. he got in the car, started it up, threw it in gear and drove. i put the leash on maxx. the car turned onto the path we were on and passed us, heading in the direction of the parking lot about a mile away. “busy, busy” i said to my dog.
when i reached the lot where my car was, there was no one there except the small toyota was rocking like a gorilla fuckathon was going on inside. i couldn”t see a thing. the windows were red with blood.
and the sounds…..
i didn’t want anything to do with whatever was going on there, so i went to my car, let my dog in and was about to climb in myself.
i sat in my car and closed my eyes. i fell into a dream.
then i heard the little car’s horn honk.
i disregarded it, then heard that eduardo cianelli voice.
“you,” it said in a movie-like angry tone.
i don’t know how long i sat in the car. i opened the door and walked over to the car and there he was, the lizard guy.
“what the fuck happened here?” i asked. “nothing. trainee – i let him take the mercedes.” he said. “we were in the back when you came snooping.”
“oh….. i saw that guy,” pointing to car, “down the road. bet he had something you wanted in that valise. valises don’t make too much sense on the beach in the winter during a snowstorm.” i said.
he answered,”they make all the sense in the world to us and we’re as here as you are.”
he had a point.”who was this guy? i don’t doubt he’s your trainee’s new suit.”
“he sure is” he said.
“anyone i know?”
“you read about that Madoff guy, right?”
“well, he has two sons. i mean he had two sons.” he said, smiling that lizard smile.
“oh….. ” i gathered some courage, “why am i privy to this? why do you tell me? why do i have to see this? why do i have to have anything to do with any of this?”
“why?…. because i like you.” he said, almost in tune with the mouseketeers song.
“does that make us friends?”
“that’s an interesting question. i’ll have to think about that…. gotta go.”
and he started up the bloody, little car, threw it in gear and began to drive away.
“hey – aren’t you afraid of someone seeing all that in there?” i said, gesturing at all the blood and entrails.
“hell no, by the time i’m out of here, i’ll have this interior licked clean”
that’s when i learned that the grifting lizards from mars are excellent multi-taskers.
the snow was tapering off. i had to get back to the store. playtime was over.

a number of blogs ago i mentioned the story of the keyspan/national grid bill from another planet. i talked about how i received a bill for three thousand dollars that turned into a bill for six thousand dollars and how i had to continually contest this bill into insanity. as of the last writing, it at morphed into a two-thousand dollar bill. i asked them if they had recently received a small box with the initials U.M.B.O. stamped onto the bottom of it. they said no, but they all say no to that question. it’s part of the agreement you sign with the thurwell corporation (though, of course, he was made a meal by the martian lizards the moment they waved the cash at him and he smiled, moments after producing the first, functional U.M.B.O. box, as mentioned back then).
well, as i spoke to a member of the NG (i’ll use that instead of national grid, though the initial corresponds to the words “no good” much easier in my mind) today, still trying to see where this is all going, i was told now that the bill has gone back up to five thousand dollars. i once again inquired if they have an umbo box over there.
this time there was a pregnant-pause and a slow, “…i don’t even know what an umbo box is…” answer. he hung up before i did.
it gave me the shivers.

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