it’s pretty interesting….

was yesterday one of those precog moments?
was i being set up by those grifting lizards to go to coney island only to find out this morning that disney is considering it again.¬†frankly, it was just a matter of time. their name’s been mentioned in the same sentence with coney for years. in these tough economic times, the lizard people need a steady little farm to keep themselves going.

i’ve grieved decades ago about the end of coney island. i’m prepared for its passing, redevelopment – whatever. when someone told me that there was a deal over that little parcel of land, i googled it and found it to be untrue. there is “no deal,” no disneyland shoebox, promise, no check; just pressweasle balderdash (three down, six to go) to put on your flowers just yet, but after reading that and this, i decided to add an opinion about it. this is what i wrote;

i agree with the above guy – (he made some sense)
i was born and bred there (coney) and sheepshead bay. that place was “over” in my childhood. i might miss the sleaze that times square was, but that doesn’t mean it was a cultural moment in time. going there was like playing russian roulette.
same thing here –
the past will not be reborn here.
there’s no future for it without getting a homogenized version of it, but that’s better than brat housing. i realized about three years ago that even the mermaid parade has become a circle-jerk. stella’s (if anyone here even knows about that place) is gone decades ago, the tornado and thunderbolt are gone almost as long – and that was years before there was a coney revival. i guess what i’m saying is, that it was over before you guys even thought it was over and got upset about it.
let’s just hope that whoever goes in there understands the history and respects it.
that’s what i said and i’m pretty ok with it.
and while i’m at it;
get those poor ocean animals the hell out of that sad excuse for an aquarium.
someone in dubai will buy the cyclone and put it in their backyard.
someone from the united arab emirates will purchase the wonder wheel.
save the eldorado bumper cars!!! they belong to AMERICA.
four down, five to go.

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