now, where was i?

i’ve been seeing a lot of commercials (in between my adult swim) for that chinese democracy album by guns and roses. the advertising and marketing alone is an example of what i was talking about a few blogs back. and guess what? 40+ year-olds look silly trying to do a skinny, junkie, rock-boy punk kick.

you could almost hear the groan working its way up his throat in that photo.
the reviews don’t sound very promising. maybe, this might be the last example (or a gentle reminder) of the bipolar years i describe as scrap bar history. it was cultural manic-depression. everything was larger than life, including our president. how else could an actor get the gig by a landslide? he played it and the voters played it.
hell. i played it. he spoke to me. he said that “this is the age of the entrepreneur,” and i wanted to believe him. i was doing all that whacked-out stuff i described in earlier blogs after getting arrested in a tuxedo.
which reminds me. now, brace yourself. matthew varville (GBM crew shop steward) called me over last week and handed me this;

it’s a photo that had been cut out of a larger photo. i had found it in my car’s ashtray and have absolutely no idea where it came from prior to finding it there. i must’ve put it into my coat pocket , because someone found it in front of the store here. this is what i probably looked like when i got arrested on august 27th 1983, except i probably had the tux jacket on.

this is where i have to remind people who might be newer readers that this began at – there’s nine or ten lead-in blogs about how scrap bar happened, along with other claptrap.
two down, seven to go.

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