winter’s chillin, reservations shmeservations, the birth of an ocean

it’s like there’s a “reserved” sign on the parking slot i’ve had since snowstorm day. i leave, go shopping for the store and return and there’s that same spot. i’m not complaining. it’s close to the store’s entrance and i can maneuver the handtruck fairly well-enough to do the job.
i’m a writer-artist-handtruck operator.
i love each job equally well, though i would find a writing gig an easier trade-off than a hand-truck operator gig.
i don’t even think that job exists.
i will not scour the employment ads for such a job, primarily because i don’t have a newspaper here which reminds me – i was looking at a friend of mine sitting at the counter in goodbye blue monday, reading an issue of the daily news when i began to have a perception issue.
either matt (the guy) had grown (a lot) or the newspaper had shrunk (some).
are the newspapers becoming the “itty-newspapers”?
as in “itty-bitty”? it’s not itty-bitty just yet, but it might well be on the way. the new york times is ittier-bitty these days, you betcha.
((((and before you blanche-palinesque, i need to tell you it was mine before it was hers and there are postings to prove it. i won’t allow such an airhead to cop this phrase. the same buffoons are buying the folksiness riff from this dumb bitch as they did with that stupid douchebag (doooshe-baggg) who ran this country into the ground from 2000 to 2008. and fuck you – she’s a dumb bitch and he’s an idiot douchebag.))))

ahhh. feeling much better now.
i can only handle an itty-bit of news these days anyway.
my american-short-attention span.
imagine that. there’s gobs of googleness about the american short attention span.
and to think, i thought i was the only one….., something else swimming in
massive schools through the interweb oceans, something that stood singularly alone out there in googleland…until now.
“goodbye-blue-monday’s continued adventures sailing on the interweb oceans” has planted its flag at the bottom of this digital briney deep.

by the way, this is a perfect example of “good-luck-fixing-my-short-attention-span.”
i want to post this now and see if i show up in the google search.

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