dreams, letters, sharon mccarthy and snazl.com (really!)

i had a dream about being in an open-top taxi cab with two beautiful women, driving over the brooklyn bridge, heading into manhattan. as the driver sped down toward the exit ramp where the municipal building is, there was a rut in the road that caused the car to become airborne like that dodge charger used to do in the dukes of hazzard TV show, except the car just kept going up. i reached out to grab a window ledge that might have been the municipal building, which i did, as the car began its descent back to earth. i woke up.
gotta be that late-night italian food, i said to myself.
i took a few days off from it and my dreams were uneventful but last night at two-thirty in the morning, the platter came out. it was my ice-cream substitute i guess, besides, i needed to finish that last blog and answer some communications.
as i began to drift off to sleep, i began to remember writing letters.
this was no doubt a result of this blog-writing experience and how i’ve decided to write things down that, at some point, might become the makings of something else.
that’s an organic manner of development. i guess it’s what i do.
this might be a lot of hooey.
i love the word “hooey” and every synonym connected to it:
balderdash, blather, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, garbage, idiocy, piffle, poppycock, rigmarole, rubbish, tomfoolery.
in future writings i hope to incorporate each and every one of these words into my work. i’ve used at least three of them since i started this blog. there’s a safe bet these words encompass humanity at its core and even more so, the serious side of us.
but of course, everything i say is open to edit.remember, i’m organic.
and since last year, atomic. i had the liquid platinum to prove it.
and then again, it all just might be drivel.
one down, eight to go.

back to the written word and envelopes and stamps. this form of communication was important to me from my teens. it coincided most strongly with my getting the license to drive and falling in love and every disaster connected to that. and let me tell you – there were a lot of them, but this isn’t about that. it’s about the written relationship i had with one sharon mccarthy who was living at the martha washington hotel when i met her, though i would not officially meet her for two entire years.
i’ll save that story for later.
i had an appointment to meet a young woman who created a brilliant interactive music, chat and art site called snazl.com (go there, it’s worth it)and what was meant to be an hour-long demonstration turned into three hours of great, creative conversation.
AND it’s on my blog here now. i just have to learn how to grow it.
thanks, ameeda.
consequently, sleep has become a priority.
thinking and talking takes more out of me than physical labor.
it always has.

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