crunchy beach. soft, chewy brain

i included my shoe to illustrate the potential for the “walking on eggs-ness,” of this day at the end of the rockaway peninsula.
and crunch across the sand i did. it was fantastic. something similar to walking through small mountains of dried, autumn leaves along a brooklyn curb, only different.

after a few days of great music here with our BAM shows and the bowery ballroom where SHELLSHAG rocked the house saturday night, i was done – when sunday came around, my friend tom joined me and maxx on this breezy point trip. the only sounds were wind and waves.
my dog – my kid – ran off his leash for hours.
it was cold and windy as hell but you’d never know that looking at him –

i will forever photograph my dog as he runs, charging at me and as he presents himself in profile as part of nature.

animals are as “art” as everything extraordinary in the universe. i fully expect to collide with errant atoms of maxx’s doghair along with spectral shadowbarks bouncing off “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension”, clearly identifiable as maxx’s powerful baritone, though it might be argued that although he has the ability to reach the lower register of woofdom, i’ve heard lower.
during these hours of reflective hikery, in between the anxiety i have about keeling over and dropping dead as i ask myself “should i be doing this after the million cigarettes i smoked?,” i would stop and see something heading toward reunion with the environment.
another something to remind me “no need to worry……nope, not at all….” and it makes me cherish the conversations i have, the dreams i dream and the ridiculous notions that keep me grounded in an otherwise fairly hostile existence.

i look at all the math and geometry and chemistry and physics going on right there before me and sigh.
i sigh all the more as i think about my dearest friend on the planet and the math and chemistry being figured on her as i speak.
me and tom walked to the end of this little slice of earth, talking about such things lucky and unlucky, fixed and broken, right and wrong, fair and unfair.
in the end, our words weaved in, out and around everything before us……..

and the answers, for all it mattered, were mediated by these guys and they weren’t talking….

i end this note this snowy day, listening to sly and the family stone sing “que sera, sera”…it wasn’t planned….it was errantly fortunate timing.
as in life and fortune, i have fallen in love with this word.
i have fallen in love with songs i first heard as a child.
i have fallen in love with strangers i’ve met along the way here.
i have fallen, i have fallen….

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