why not a pastrami review

i walk into katz’s deli – complete w/ documentary and order up. i ask for a pastrami on rye.
great sandwich. that’s my review.
it’s expensive, but it’s in a 120 year-old cafeteria and that’s precious. enough.
i’m sitting at the back with a photo of a celebrity and a bald guy grinning down at me, looking at the expanse that is katz’s. it’s a really a big place. i think i could fit, like, five and a half GBMs in that place. i’m also feeling a little cocky because i got a clean bill of health from the bellevue gang. that’s why i walked in here today. i have my health. however, the rest of my life could use a little work……
i’m thinking….everything’s in the toilet. that’s the bad news.
it hasn’t been flushed. that’s the good news.
feeling good about your life and your chances, punk? (i do a very bad clint eastwood impression inside my head) remember, you’re doing better than a dead guy, steve.
you’re doing better than a greedhound who got his comeuppance either by a major financial adjustment or by becoming a skinjacket for a martian lizard. i shudder. i think about this week out at fort tilden and my conversation with that lizard. i remember how i was locked in to that voice and how i could have had my spine torn out and munched up by those teeth. then, for a few moments, i wonder if my suirvival lumps me in with a hapless president that i can’t help but keep ragging on.
i learned a few things from that lizard guy.
he told me this;
if you need to measure your life against another, always use ken lay (an evil dead guy who met a lizard) or george w bush (who the lizards don’t even want to grift, let alone wear) as your guide. otherwise, just thank the eighth-electro-plasma ocean of the ninth dimension,.
the wonderful thing about putting a link to the above group of words is that when you do the google search, it’s got nothing to do with anything else on the entire internet other than what you read here. it’s like having a “vanity link.”
does anyone out there have a vanity link?

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