the history of love of a piano and the impending BAM “Sounds Like Brooklyn”

first, i need to shill for the next two days here at goodbye blue monday.
BAM’s “Sounds Like Brooklyn” happens here on Thursday and Friday.

this is the third year we’re part of it.
it’s a wonderful thing for brooklyn and our neighborhood.

i write with the inklings of a heavy heart. i feel the need to whisper, lest the piano that has graced the stage here for a good while, hears the back and forth from last night’s performers to me and eric-the-piano doctor to susan’s chats with franz the nic. the word’s out.
the piano, born in buffalo, new york almost a hundred years ago, is in trouble. it’s getting the heave-ho and i’m already feeling guilty about it.
i form relationships with things.
i have difficulty separating from my sneakers.
i am and have been very protective about this piano that rolled through the door one rainy night almost three years ago. (thanks, psychoperatic chanteuse julie and dan gower of ching chong song.)
this is an early photo;

i don’t even play it.
i put stuff on it. buddy hangs out on it.

…..everytime i take a picture of an act on stage, there it is…the piano…

…and it brings to mind the fact that it’s our second piano to go.
here’s the first;

which takes me back and moves me ahead all at the same time…..

as i listened to this, i realized they played here….back then

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