a winter visit to the earth reclamation project….

the old hangar at floyd bennett airfield is where i first went crazy with my camera, causing me to devote a whole other photobucketworld to images in and around gateway national park and named it the earth reclamation project on my photobucket account.
i mean, i enjoyed pictures before this, but it flew off the charts once i was in that hangar….

i love decay; natural not moral or intellectual.
when i walk around here with my camera, i wonder if there might be a correlation between natural and moral decay.
america has a problem deciphering that stuff, especially scared, white guys. generally, the ones with the biggest problems are the ones who live under the illusion of power and control, but if fear and disinformation are the directives they operate under, rest assured, badness of most terrible degrees are stewing in the human climate, so hold onto to your hat.
there’s nothing beautiful about moral decay and anyone who makes an argument defending it might be a douchebag, but that’s just my opinion.
i mean, images of moral decay might be esthetically unforgettable but i don’t “roll that way.”

for example, my fixation involving footage from 9/11 back then wasn’t because it was a great movie, i recall it like an illness.
looking at archival film from nazi atrocities to abu ghraib are purely tragic. there’s nothing intellectually stimulating about inhumanity.
here’s an example – to me – of cloaking hate as “art” – i never heard of this till i found the image attributed to it.
i googled the words, “moral decay” and hit “images” and found bands, worlds of warcraft games, conservative images and a bunch of other stuff that didn’t work for me.
i decided on this because there’s no excuse for bad manners, something i believe might be at the crux of it all.

because bad manners beget this –

scared, pushy and belligerent white men who will doom us all because they forgot their lessons when they were young and unafraid, or were terrified all their life.
whatever the case, i find that the above image doesn’t hold a candle to this one;

natural decay removed more of the roof since i’ve been here last – really nice work there, elements.
much of this place is on that wonderful journey to “ever,” where i may have met a slat or two in a glimmer or a wink, way out there on the outer reaches of way out there.

i feel closer to the essence of time. i know for sure that molecules here have risen from their place and started that extraordinary journey, out past those places they talk about in science fiction books and movies; where i’ve made reservations to be again and again, glinting and sparking out on “the eighth-electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension”.
you knew that was coming, didn’t you?
today, me and maxx headed out there camera-in-hand and started seeing new things and revisiting old ones.
i was getting my photo-finger groove-on when the battery started flashing that nervous, hurt battery-look, then the screen went black.
for the remainder of my time there i would click other images in my head.
you should have seen them. they were great. however……
i do have the pics i took and will season this wordsalad with them.
this small building below gave me the shivers.
it’s about twelve by twelve foot square.
as i was taking this picture, i was thinking about the hiss that’s forever in my head.

the one i write about.
the one that’s the sound behind the sound.
the one i’m hearing behind the music playing on the computer here, right now. the one that isn’t the whirrr of the hard drive. the one that isn’t the imperceptible sound of electricity running through the walls of my home. there is a sound to electricity, believe me.
con edison taught me that, plenty of times.
anyway, i decided to get behind the fence and take some more pictures like this;

the humm was a buzz and the buzz was alive.
i looked into the darkness where there used to be a window and saw old electric panels, then saw a decayed breaker panel with two new, grey wires. something told me that i was not in a good place. the buzz was loud.
the water from the big rain sang dangerous melodies in my head.
me and maxx moved on. quickly.
there were things that told me about how i feel right now….

then, there were places that had colors i wished i was wearing….

rust never sleeps, huh?
there’s more pics at the photobucket here…..

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