ever see the parallax view?

The Parallax View is a movie from 1974. it’s a “political thriller” directed by a guy named alan pakula. it was the movie that made me realize that warren beatty was cool. he acted- in and produced this film.  it’s a good movie. it turns on all of my paranoid buttons. i like to watch it drinking too much coffee and having a lot of chocolate. it’s all very ominous and i’ve been feeling like that since 1968 and i guess beatty and pakula have been too. if you read up about mr. pakula, you’ll learn that a lot of his movies had the same edge. the end of his life was like it belonged in one of his films, but that’s your choice to find out about, as is seeing this film in order to connect the dots.
political anxiety, chocolate and coffee!
the youtube scene above is the first thing i thought of when i saw the golden waves of wheat and heard the initial strains of oncoming smart-orchestration as the obama infomercial began. it did fade as our presidential candidate began to speak, but the bug is in and hope is all well and good (as if i have an alternative).
this film unnerves me on a whole bunch of levels. so does this presidential campaign, but i can’t stop caring about it.

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