frankenstein jesus on the beach, tuna salad and the enormity of it all

first, i discovered, “frankenstein jesus in the beach sand”
it started out as “frankenstein on the beach,” which made me think of philip glass for a second, then it morphed into “frankenstein jesus on the beach,” because a few weeks back, he (jesus) made it onto someone’s toast in florida.

i discovered “frankenstein jesus,” when i was photographing the dunes.

i was intrigued by the mixed textures in the sand.
it was an aesthetic buffet.
the beach gained about three feet of sand since last week.
the old weather-worn wooden pilings were buried.

this means the big tire is five feet+ underground now.
as i walked by the place i last saw it, i flashed to a scene from “harold and maude,” where harold makes a metal-press coin that reads “harold loves maude.”
they’re sitting at a pier.
he hands it to her.
she looks at it, smiling and throws it into the ocean.
stunned, harold is speechless.
“i’ll always know where it is,” says maude.

i had a banner day in the seaglass department. it was everywhere.
i found loads of it as i walked the ocean’s edge.
it was like there was a seaglass-harvest or an “everything-must-go” seaglass sale.
occasionally, i would stop and call my dearest friend’s name out over the ocean, but first i would look to either side of me to make sure i was alone.
i subscribe to the “one-bay rule,” whereby strangers won’t find me strange-er as i howl at the late afternoon moon, if you know what i mean.
i really let it wail. i’m a loud-mouth.
i counted almost thirty seconds on my initial howl/call.
i believe with all my being that it matters somehow.
oh, well.
i believe all sorts of things at all sorts of times.
i believe that the big math and all that goes with it gives me a universe of things to believe.
i believe luck hasn’t been on the side of haiti lately.
i believe scared white guys offer every reason why hope is in constant danger on this planet. don’t get me wrong, fear and hatred are equal-opportunity illnesses, but scared white guys have it down to a political science.

my dog is happy.
scared, white guys could learn from him.
but i digress…..

tuna salad. tuna salad…..a few days ago i found myself overwhelmed with the need to make a tuna salad sandwich.
it was all i could think about.
i cannot remember the last time i did this.
i needed to buy a head of iceberg lettuce and a tomato.
i needed to get an onion as well as a jar of mayonnaise.
i already had those little, individual cans of bumble-bee tuna – chunk white, you betcha.

this, in turn, drove me to the glossary of mind and memory.
this might be the first time in a year since i utilized the glossary twice in a row;
26. – Recognition task – A memory task in which one must identify correct information among irrelevant information or incorrect statements.
when this tuna salad sandwich thing happened and my recognition task program kicked-on, i found myself inventorying what i needed and what was not necessary like, “going to a diner and getting a tuna salad sandwich.”
there, i used it in a sentence.

this in turned caused me to make three more tuna salad sandwiches in two days.
i’m feeling much better now.

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