…and the scamming lizard people have had to suspend a dinner party. seems there’s a humanity-glut and they’re afraid of being able to keep the greedhounds “fresh.”
there’s a lesson here; even alien lizard people from mars can overstep their projections. i understand that this is a “luxury problem” and you can bet they know it, too. they pick their fat, greedy bastards at optimum arrogance and self-confidence.
once fear or uncertainty occurs, well, like any proper gourmet will attest, the chemical composition of the product changes.
look at butchering in slaughterhouses. lizard people, according to the guy who looked like omar sharif and sounded like eduardo cianelli that i spoke to out there when i first met them in fort tilden, told me that when his buddy took ken lay “to dinner,” he had him at the pick of availability. ken was oozing with arrogance and self-congratulatory confidence, having just had that meeting in the white house with the new president and vice-president. other lizards in the white house suggested to cheney and bush that they use phrases like “energy czar” and “you’re our man,” before taking him out for a dinner of caviar, kobe beef and beer. lots of beer.
as they strode to the stretch limo, ken got a little pinch in the neck that stopped the flow to the brain and before he was inside on the car floor, his back was torn open and his “guest” was already halfway through the back of his torso, burrowing up and into his skull and brain. “yeowch!!” you might say, but not if you’re a greedhound-fed lizard person from mars. if you’re one of those, all you have time to say is “gulp,” but as i said in earlier blogs, lizard people believe in an economy of words. extraordinarily garrulous when they need to be (like the lizard who ate ayn rand and wrote atlas shrugged – see earlier blog), grifting lizard people become centered and silent moments before seizing their prey. someday, they’ll make a movie about how fast they can do that. it’s amazing.
but enough of a primer to these lizards and their habits.
it’s time i talked about the news that i’m constantly hearing, the stories about how all of these countries all over the world were suggested (by “trusted financial specialists” aka/grifting lizards who just had someone for dinner) to take out their u.m.b.o. boxes and get their information on how much is needed to “fix” the problem that has taken hold of the world economy. up until the moment that the “oh, fuck” formed in the minds of thousands and thousands of smart-asses all over the world, the lizards were reaping loads of these guys. “dinner is served” was the battle cry of the lizard people, all over the world. imagine that! backs were torn open and needle-sharp little teeth made quick work of meat, muscle and bone. sounds pretty horrifying, doesn’t it. well, that’s all a matter of perspective. to the lizard people, it was more like thanksgiving or christmas with lizards opening, entering and eating fattened turkeys and hams. “errrp!”
a burp is as good a segue’ as any…….
as the election nears i try to believe that it doesn’t matter, really. unfortunately, it’s got me. i can’t stop reading and listening. i can’t stop worrying about what happens with another republican president. i can’t stop worrying if retro-history happens and another “single, lone gunman” shatters yet another chance for an american future, whatever that means, depending on your point of view. call me a buzz-kill, but anyone who denies the sixties, black or white, is doomed to buy another lie or simply acquiesce, perhaps for a final time that there, indeed, is no hope.
i keep seeing WPA projects, wondering if the fix went in, yet saying “oh well, at least we’ll rebuild america’s crumbling infrastructure.” remember america’s crumbling infrastructure? they bring it up whenever something collapse and yes, it really is crumbling. think of all those pre-WWII bridges and roads and think of the newer things that were built by the smart guys in the 50’s and 60’s who built on-the-cheap and has since moved onto their spiritual rewards, secure in the fact that their money went into blue chips and have grandchildren who went into banking and investments…..uhhh, never mind….

then there’s the few humans the grifting lizards couldn’t get and here’s why they need to work all the time. as i said a while back, there’s a chance of a downtime coming
because of the likes of people who find fault with the con. that the nightmare of the bush presidency can’t go on forever (or can it?) “Andrew Lahde, the hedge-fund manager who quit after posting an 870 percent gain last year, said farewell to clients in a letter that thanks stupid traders for making him rich and ends with a plea to legalize marijuana. ”
geez, what was he thinking? did he see the little teeth? or did he simply understand something about being human that so many people on this country missed? i have no opinion about weed except it sure doesn’t hurt as much as liquor and the only gateway drugs i know about is the water i was floating in for nine months and saliva. once i was alive i was on my way. life is THE gateway drug. whether hemp is valuable or not is an old story – it could do or be anything. it’s the soybean of the industrial world. but it’s not about that. it’s about hope for a period of moral sense that will never come. it’s not that we shouldn’t at least try and maybe that’s why i’m stuck watching political news with hope the way i used to gaze at the crumbling towers in nyc with horror, wonder and sadness.

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