it’s what they had three months prior to 9/11. remember condi rice? the file said something like “”Bin Laden Threats Are Real”
what did you need, the flight numbers?
no. even with two years advance notice american intelligence blew it.

do you want to know what saved those three hundred people on that airline?
ball sweat, plain and simple.
you heard it here and only here.
so thank that guys stress and his sweat-glands.

to put it into perspective, the cia and such are as competent as our banking system. don’t get me wrong. there are no doubt tons of good soldiers as there are good bankers. it’s the mechanism that’s become corrupt and there isn’t very much that could be done about that.
unless, of course, you want the senate to act as oversight.
that’ll fix it.

i wanted to shut up about this. i didn’t want to be another hollering nobody venting american rage at big idiocy in high places.
last night, jon stewart nailed it.
i felt better after hearing him rail comedic, but a day later i would stumble upon president obama’s post-einstein-motherfucker-intelligence meeting.
notice where i’m going here.
am i so….transparent?
i can’t write about it. it’s ridiculous. i can only type that title above. i can only wonder why no one’s been fired, arrested or killed. i can only ask who did daddy talk to? and who did the person who daddy talked to, talk to?
what’s so hard about that?
what the fuck kind of intelligence are we talking about?
who is the specialist-investigator-what that can find out this extraordinary question. why didn’t anyone ask daddy?
they just need to bring him over there and let him point.

i think i’m done.
the illusion of hope and change have glazed over in my mind. the sony trinitron that i found in the garbage two election-days ago sits dark atop one of our PA speakers downstairs. i wouldn’t want it to know.
it’s bad enough for one of us to know.

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