bonge + burma + barkuna + brooklyn = beautiful

eric bonge, multifaceted musician, member of Barkuna AND goodbye blue monday’s resident piano tuner asked me about having a fundraiser for the people of burma (or myanmar, whatever your choice. a rose is a rose, a disaster is a disaster). naturally, having been the recipient of such kindness by groups of friends in the past year i was more than ready to respond. between political, economic and natural disasters in the past year or so (reminding us of our own political, economic and natural disasters and putting them into sharper perspective), eric spoke at the onset of the show about his need to connect with this fair planet and its inhabitants and his need to help his fellow man. he organized a ton of talent (some pictured below) – Algernon, cZarina, Joanna Levine, Lost Nairb, MySummer, Naked Hearts, an intense Sax-a-thon w/upright bass (see below) along with Barkuna, who started on our stage about two years ago, and this all came together last night. We streamed and recorded much of the night and it’s available at, but i understand it’s a bit of work to actually find some of the stuff. As with new technology, there have been some rough patches, but it’s out there, i’m almost sure of it.

this first pic is Eric, the organizer, followed by the band, then other acts what were part of the night;

live and live stream

i wish to thank everyone who took part in the evening, like this guy –

Eric and Barkuna, along with the bands, Timo at the soundboard and the big math that keeps the gravity happening, allowing us to keep our feet on the ground.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t help keep wall street’s heads out of their own asses.
zing! win one for the grifting lizards*.

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