isn’t it a lovely day to be caught in the rain….

it’ll probably be a recurring thing. i mean fred and ginger, not that i’ll relentlessly bombard the reader each and every time i write something, but it’s a nice lead-in for writing something that i haven’t thought too much about. it’ll reinforce the statement i had written a while back about how i seek refuge in a black and white world and go there whenever i can. today is as grey as grey can be and i’m snuggling up with it. as of late, buddy and maxx have drawn close to me, possible sensing this lack of color in my mind. prompting me to askĀ  the question, can they see in color?. this fine day has freeform film on turner classic movies. i turned on the television in time to watch the conclusion of Gilda, an early noir film and found out that Plan Nine From Outer Space was on next. Yes, the Ed Wood film of tor johnson and bela legosi legend, so bad a film that it’s brilliant, only to have The Maltese Falcon to follow, John Houston’s directorial debut. i’m in black and white heaven.

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