how to keep from drowning

today was a wonderful day. rather than become disheartened at the state of affairs that is my financial life, i chose to gather up maxx (pictured, above) and head out to his favorite place in all the world, fort tilden (in gateway national park – google it if you’re interested). from may till september this place is sort of “off limits” for dogs by order of the federal government, so this was big for Maxx and for me. i like the solitude this space offers, especially midweek, off-season. the occasional angler, cyclist, naturalist…..a retired couple walking slowly along the path, still holding hands. (yeah, i’m all kinds of sappy about that and no doubt a tad envious. but i recognize this requires time and patience, two things i keep running out of…..) anyway, this is where i was when i first made contact with the lizard people from mars. i just remembered – the guy looked like eduardo cianelli (you’ll have to go back about six or seven months ago, blogwise), but i’m leaving all of the grifting lizards, genius wise-asses and political criminals out of this for today. this is about those miracles i’m hard in the habit of forgetting…..the ones that remind me that this earth did fine before us and will do fine after us……

……so, this afternoon, the moment my car entered the belt parkway at pennsylvania avenue, maxx looked around, his nose processing information by the millisecond and he began to bark. he knew exactly where he was going. when we crossed the gil hodges bridge he barked all the more. he knew how close we were.
dogs are smart. then there’s me…….
i seem to be an animal that processes information differently.

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  1. lillie says:

    Oh, I don’t know, you seem to process information by the millisecond by sense as well…
    thanks for the pictures of this nice place. getting lost in the dunes isn’t too bad either.

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