Goodbye Blue Monday

about a year into scrap bar’s life, they arrived. tall, handsome, high-cheeked, exact-twin brothers with huge manes of black, beaded hair that fell from their shoulders to the small of their backs. they were african-american but i remember one of them telling me they were also part american-indian. i said ok. they came to new […]

at last year’s scrap bar reunion in 2014 i saw fran, an old friend and someone who may have been joey ramone’s girlfriend back in the day. i was never sure. it was…25 years since we saw each other?……at least. the reunion was fun and at one point, she recounted something that happened in late […]

a couple of days ago, i observed one of those “anniversaries.” you know, the “life-altering” ones. i’ve had a few. they caused things like scrap bar and goodbye blue monday to happen. i’m writing a book about it. it was two years ago in the holding cell behind the brooklyn criminal courts building, my head […]

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