Goodbye Blue Monday

the title of this note came to me for a number of reasons. it might have more to do with a sense of tedium, unsure if it’s physical, emotional or spiritual. maybe it’s a combination of these, mixed in with the wearying sense of “aww, shit.” “aww shit,” is what watching or reading the news […]

bud i digress…

October 16th, 2011

writing has become a foreign matter. the events in new york city have crystallized since going there a couple of weeks ago. the 99% have made it clear that there isn’t a political co-opting available for either party. someone’s gotta do a perp-walk from wall and broad streets and that’s just for starters. i love […]

from the harvest moon

October 10th, 2011

i took maxx to fort tilden for the first time since hurricane sunday, the day of the divine lightbulb. it would be legit for maxx to frolic on the tan, grey and black sands of its glorious beach as the winter-clock is on at gateway national park. (september 15th to march 15th) without green-clad reprisals […]

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