Goodbye Blue Monday


September 11th, 2011

i had the best slice of pizza in decades. of course, it probably had more to do with my frame of mind, but it was a fresh-out-of-the-oven sicilian corner square – …from tony’s of graham avenue. the crust was…perfect…brilliant, but i’m not here to review them. i’ll tell you that i like them and leave […]

just lucky enough to be a notion

September 10th, 2011

buddy’s back on the cable box seeking warmth. it feels like, what?…sixty-five degrees? the gray, cool damp wafts into the loft to my right at the open window that leads to the fire escape. in all my time here, i never spent more than a moment on the fire escape and i don’t know why. […]

dragging myself from bed, an overwhelming need to shower overcame me. rather than “loll-around” on a day that nothing was going to be a big-part of my future hours, something connected to my half-century of cultural information culled from my step-father, neighborhood and assorted girlfriends of said persuasion, one i loved deeply with rockaway summer […]

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