Goodbye Blue Monday

sunday morning, i looked out my window and decided that i would be “one of those people” who have to do the unwise and go to the beach as tropical storm irene passes over the new york area. going, i already acknowledge that i won’t be able to make it into fort tilden and at […]


August 23rd, 2011

i didn’t see this stuff in forever, but in my last foray into economy candy in the LES, where i was re-upping the chocolate necco stash for my dearest friend (for when we have that rendezvous), there they were – sen-sen – i chose to picture them as i remember them – a small, cardboard […]


August 22nd, 2011

a lot of what i’ll write was written before, hence the title. what’s more, a lot of what i’ve been trying to do lately has not been…done. again, hence the title. a few days ago, i drove out to the darkest place in the metropolitan area – i added the link for my new friends. […]

the “hot”

August 18th, 2011

i’ve been here when it was hotter, but this past monday, me and maxx headed out to the beach under a gray sky and threateningly swift breezes. i looked at this as the blessing of a rainy-cool day and even put a jacket in the record bag to go with the camera, water and dog […]

my point exactly…..

August 15th, 2011

one of the richest people in the world, warren buffet wrote an opinion in the sunday times that should have gotten headlines in the “liberal media.” this goes back to something i wrote in a note entitled “this is indicative‚Ķ” where i tried to explain the weak-kneed behavior by the press that “seems” to lean […]

the shards and the jed

August 15th, 2011

above are the shards (obviously) – startling beauty from the “earth reclamation project.” i went combing the innernet for group photos of buddy ebsin/jed clampett- and would have completed the joke if i knew some photoshop. i forgot. so, it’ll have to be the, “the shards and the jed” do i need to hint the, […]

it seems the initial subject of my photobucket account section entitled “the earth reclamation project” is experiencing either a death or rebirth, depending on who’s looking. after posting the previous note – the curiouser-stupider one – i felt the need to put my camera to work during the daytime. this would turn out to be […]

oh boy. i was ready to go off and draw parallels between lewis carroll’s work and the united states government’s three chambers of madness. i have since decided to say, “fuck it,” with a low-degree of wiseassness to offer on the matter. anyone can see it. i don’t have to connect any dots. i can […]

this is indicative…..

August 2nd, 2011

….the “sell” the democratic party did on itself – again – is and has become a knee-jerk acknowledgment of the successful bullying tactics not only of the republicans and the tea party, but the doublespeaking press that professes two and three opinions simultaneously. oh, by the way, this is the low-level headache that the debt […]

dragging those words around for days (in my head), unable to do a damn thing with them. i wrote the above a week ago, then i became enmeshed in something that is totally beyond my control – the debt ceiling debate, or whatever that thing is called. is it a debate? a battle? a conflict? […]

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