Goodbye Blue Monday

i backstroke in a pool of opiated dreams. a day ago, i floated into a gray world filled with sandstorms; a blinded world with nothing to see on the horizon. it happened right there, at my desk chair. it happened in a late-evening doze, a momentary nap; a safe moment. yeah, i know. pretty much […]

piss for brains

July 10th, 2011

as i wrote the above, i immediately felt i was about to launch into a political rant of sorts even though i had a prearranged point to make that has nothing at all to do with washington. i mean, i feel the need to say something political before talking about my trip to south jersey […]

thank you for looking here. i play make believe…… i make believe my one, solitary reader there is a healthcare professional who, every now and again, reads these musings to my dear, dear friend. i have no way of knowing this as true, and it more than likely isn’t, but it’s one of those things […]

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