Goodbye Blue Monday

i stopped listening to black and white movies….uhh…today. it means something……? …maybe it’s the sound of the 1940’s oscillating fan as it sweeps behind and above me from the sleeping loft; the rattling- humm and sweeping “rubble,” of old bearings. is the breeze this fan sends from now or then? does the old awaken the […]

darkness, starkness….

June 23rd, 2011

it wasn’t the plan. i mean, i sat here with the decision (set in some kind of stone) to continue the last note. i owed something laced with vodka, gasoline and brand-loyalty to a post, but brought maxx out to floyd bennett and fort tilden at midnight with my camera and tripod to photograph in […]

for a scant second, i wondered if it was a glass bottle, then remembered those things went away 25 years ago or something. i kicked it, soccer-style (without too much of a dramatic follow-through) and it skitted off like a rocket. it slide silently along the curb, more airborne than not. decades melted for a […]

99-degree days are perfect for not moving an inch. maxx and buddy are sculpted figures, examples of urban loft-dwelling in oppressive heat. they do not stir as the fan drives air over their coats, standing up tufts of fur, their life-engines working in short breaths; maxx on the floor, buddy on the TV-table above and […]

midnight at the airfield

June 2nd, 2011

tuesday night at around 11pm i got it in my head to take maxx out to floyd bennett field, the darkest place in the metropolitan area. it seemed like the right thing to do. the lights you see are a bank of quartz-vapor lights about half-mile away where the nypd helicopter training area is located. […]

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