Goodbye Blue Monday

dusk was settling into the “fisherman’s parking lot” at fort tilden when maxx and i returned to the car. the lot was empty except for my car and in the far left corner, that dark-gray honda odyssey. if i could read a racing form as well as i read the grifting lizards behavior, i’d probably […]

the birds i can’t see but the songs i can hear on sunday, the cloud-filled, late afternoon sky prompted me to gather maxx into the car and head out to my refuge, my national park. it was unseasonably cool. i put on a warm hoody and an army cap. i put my frankenstein laptop, dog […]

post-maxxwalk and photo grabs, i sit in the back-hatch of the stationwagon, rear hatch opened, maxx laying on big runway 24, his leash tied to the steel catch that holds the door closed. it will act as a lean-to or umbrella if or when the storms come. there’s been rain all week. with the sun’s […]

doing the thing i talked about doing but didn’t do but am doing now….. that was the original title of the note, then things changed. last week i came here, to floyd bennett field, at dusk all prepared to write something to somebody. it could have been anything to anybody for all it mattered, but […]

i thought about how many ways i could go with that title. the initial reason for it has to do with taking maxx to floyd bennett airfield at dusk a few days back. it was an impulsive decision based on…i don’t know…how much i need to be somewhere else…..somewhere remote?…..does that work?…. sometimes i wish […]

this week, i had been otherwise-engaged every day. when this happens i become wracked with guilt over my responsibility to maxx. maxx is my 90-pound terror-beast-child. there’s a DNA test that says he’s 25-percent beagle. i may have mentioned this in the past. yeah, whatever. friday afternoon saw an opening of a few hours so […]

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