Goodbye Blue Monday

it’s purely by chance that i photographed what i did yesterday. i was simply connecting dots. i was unaware that it was the first anniversary of the deepwater horizon explosion in the gulf and the catastrophe that played out after it. i didn’t think i would be writing about this subject until days later. a […]

the black sands of breezy

April 19th, 2011

the previous post had the chat with that lizard guy (who sounds like eduardo ciannelli and looks like omar sharif) when i first pulled into the parking lot at fort tilden this past saturday. there was a rain and wind advisory posted for the metropolitan area and was the reason for my trip out there. […]

weeks ago, i was here without a camera and when i saw what was inside this building, my heart jumped. i’m not sure what it means…. not that that matters, except it makes me wonder about this fascination with decay and if it’s becoming stronger as i…decay. just in case you’re one of those who […]

sitting alone on my flight perth, australia, march 4th – as i read the final pages of franny and zooey – the sort-of, “climax,…. the big news,…the payoff,” where zooey explains to his sister franny who was wasting away in a puddle of confusion, just who “the fat lady, all full of cancer IS….” and […]

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