Goodbye Blue Monday

that sums up my feelings about that. the anxiety about not having one ended three days after arriving in perth, australia and its only reminder would be people fumbling desperately to find theirs when it would ring at inappropriate times. “that’s not for me!” i’d whisper to the universe. needless to say, the night before […]

sushi train in vein….

March 18th, 2011

sushi on bondi beach, approximately 108 hours before departure, not that i’m counting…… i’m sitting at a “sushi-train” location. it’s got revolving plates of sushi and other tastes running by on a stainless-steel conveyor belt. i think i saw it in a movie somewhere, sometime. the first plate was japanese fried chicken. spicy-good. that’s all […]

today is st. patrick’s day in australia. look at the photo above. can’t you tell? i’m sitting in a park by a marina chock-full of sailboats and it’s as if no one told anyone about this “holiday” which is fine by me. it’s thursday afternoon and i’ve begun the countdown home. i can’t help it. […]

from the Perth week, march 8th; meditations on the tall guy and forward…… at six foot, eight inches tall, he’s amazing enough, but when you couple this with a voice i can only describe as “cleeseian” (best described as the aussie-equivilent to a vintage-voiced, monty-python talk show host-news commentator john cleese) but not in any […]

phone – that’s what you stuff into pillowcases, ennit? not having a phone since touching down in australia (one that works, that is), i’ve gone through a mental detox that one might go through with addiction or death of a loved one. now, i’m not making such crass parallels between humanity and….oh wait, i think […]

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