Goodbye Blue Monday

…and not write a damned thing. i’m going to australia in like, forty-eight hours. i have not yet begun to pack. weeks ago, my friend called and said, “i’m going to visit some family and give away my sister at a wedding. you could use a vacation. want to go to australia?,” or something like […]

above is a portrait of a man and his dog. i’m the block of wood. if i could put up a cartoon balloon next to the block of wood, it would read, “uhhh…”. next to maxx’s head, it would read “…sigh.” friday started somewhere else…..walking on freight-train tracks that run below the kosciuszko bridge, next […]

…………letters from eternity

February 16th, 2011

yesterday – monday – was windy as can be. i’ve been wrestling with news that wasn’t what i wanted to hear for a few days now. like a low-level headache, i was having trouble connecting the operating system behind my eyes. unwelcome news can be blinding in so many ways and so illuminating in others. […]

customer surface……

February 8th, 2011

it was like a journey to a friendly planet. the excitement and joy of super bowl forty five was too much for my cable box. i know that it was super bowl XLV because i liked how few roman numerals i saw whenever there would be a blurb about it. when the game was over, […]

….with urethaned reality, but later about that…… try as i might, i can’t write what i’m thinking these past days. i chose to post the “then” pieces regardless of how disjointed or out of focus they are, hoping at one point maybe that the sum total of these will make sense. maybe they’ll be a […]


February 3rd, 2011

….could be a million years ago, a minute ago, in a minute, or in a million years. “…and then that happened…. ….and then this will happen,” and so on. then, when he took that picture…… he thought to himself, “maybe this is a memorial to a turtle. maybe it’s a bookmark for the return of […]

“trying to describe how i feel about that,” he said after switching the phone off. he wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular when he said this. as a matter of fact, he wasn’t speaking to anyone at all. he went to the television and switched it on. the remote didn’t work and when it did […]

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