Goodbye Blue Monday

shoveling a path to infinity

January 27th, 2011

i went out this morning to survey the car situation. last night i swept the snow off the car twice and pulled the wipers from the windshield, leaving them sticking out of the snow bubble the car is like some giant bug’s legs. today, standing in front of the car, the first thing i think […]

the above photo was taken in april of last year and if you look close, you can see that this tree was still budding. granted, it was not “better homes and gardens” budding, but it did the best it could. when i saw it yesterday, well….. the roots of this tree was grasping at straws […]

after that snow walk ….

January 20th, 2011

it snowed last night. they said it was going to. they said that when i wake up tomorrow it’ll be a rainy, slushy mess. maxx and i walked to myrtle avenue when i determined from my window onto to dodworth street that the world outside had gotten that “greeting-card-quality look” befitting this little slice of […]

uhh, gee….i dunno…..

January 13th, 2011

a couple of days ago i mentioned how i seemed to have stopped shaving….well, it ends like this…. maybe it’s a matter of balance. i chose not to photograph the moustache and the ratty chin-shit growing below it. it’s a work in progress; my ratty ‘stash, this planet and the entire universe. oy. a while […]

i couldn’t take another photo with my phone. this post above ended there, on december 8th. my wordpress informant tells me this. i started it at 3:58am on that day, december 8th. ————————– i move forward, two weeks later; back to the camera thing… it just isn’t the same, – cellphone cameras – not that […]

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