Goodbye Blue Monday

focal points. it’s like…. maybe start here? the glossary of mind and memory hasn’t been consulted in a long time. in a lottery-sort-of-way, maybe the luck of the draw might help here. maybe i can fashion some sense (though hardly fashion-sense), then get the synapses firing better than the ’61 ford falcon running on the […]

the wind

November 18th, 2010

wind. there was plenty of it at fort tilden. they said on the radio today that we could expect wind gusts of up to fifty miles an hour and they might have been right about that. it was the reason me and maxx came out here. well, that and the desire to go to a […]

the hiss….i haven’t spoken about it in a while. it hadn’t voluminated until lately. that might be a word, to me. there is a series of small red dots underneath it on the computer screen meaning, “i beg to differ.” whatever. these past days seem to have a veil drawn over it. it might be […]

one, six, twelve, fifteen, nineteen, twenty-four, and thirty-three yep. now there are seven runways. i remember being sure that there were only two or three. so much for “being sure.” i’m probably the only person who cares about this. i might be angling for a part on sesame street. seven runways! one – two – […]

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