Goodbye Blue Monday

the halloween weekend approaches. this has nothing to do with the photo of the poor, unlucky barn owl pictured above. if i were going with that halloween angle, what with these parties and such going on at goodbye blue monday this weekend, i’d go with something a bit festive like this; but i’ve been furnishing […]

MEANWHILE…in that minnesota rest area, after not finding a motel to sleep….. i felt a little uncomfortable as i gathered myself in the back of the car and prepared to sleep. i took maxx for the pre-sleep walk and my eyes were drawn to the driver’s side tire. it looked low, but of course, “radial […]

this cross-country trip is receding in my mind. i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. it probably doesn’t matter, but in my mind were questions – i wanted to savor the moments of this journey but upon my return home, i hit the ground running causing the recent days to meld with […]

driving, i would errantly take the camera and shoot at what was in front of me or on either side of me. i wouldn’t “set up the shot” and maybe get killed. i didn’t focus. ever. maybe i would be lucky and it looked good. mostly, not so much the above shot – lucky. while […]

….not necessarily in that order. there were numbers of things. there were wondrousnesses and magicnesses. there was chicago and ohio. there were interstate highways. there was little traffic. did you hear me, tea party dimwits? hit the link. i’ll leave it again; the interstate highway system is a system of roads, highways and expressways built […]

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