Goodbye Blue Monday

this thing’s been laying around in my draft folder for the past month or so and i don’t want to throw it out because it might mean something to someone other than myself, that is, as it seems to, in moments and fits and starts…. from august 1st; a few weeks ago i found myself […]

this past tuesday, august 24th, we had a “family-performing-precursor-soiree’,” to the eightieth birthday of david amram. i believe there might be a bunch of the evening’s goings’-on available at our streaming service – – and you can access it by looking up the archive with either the amram name or the above show date. […]

SATURDAY – STARTING AT 3PM AND GOING ON ALL DAY AND NIGHT – And DJ Naked, the Invisible Chef and VJ Lumenz will be DJ/VJing between sets and before and after the performances on the inside stage. Outside Stage 5pm-Bitch Trifecta 6pm-Cal Folger Day 7pm-Phil Cohen 8pm-The Sometime Boys 9pm-Anything but Animals 10pm-Christopher Paul Stelling […]

cold summer, warm heartbeat

August 27th, 2010

august 25th, 11am – the weather voice said rain and 65 degrees, cooler at the shore. like, no kidding. really? you can catch your death of cold. i put on a tee-shirt under my tee shirt. i put on a flannel, long-sleeve work-shirt. i put on my hiking boots. i threw a hoodie in the […]

before i “go on,” and possibly go, “on and on,” i got stuff in my e-mail this week that’s sort of cool. no. exceptionally cool and funny, first this by esther ku, filmed here a few weeks back. it’s a song entitled “some people”; ……and then this showed up today from a girl who used […]

and the backyard space became a gallery. i mean, it IS a gallery, but it got much more “gallery-ish” due to the efforts of a bunch of artists who pitched in to make this happen. see what i mean? there’s loads of pics of the art and performers who played (and many who contributed on […]

the blue and white boxlike-truck with the distinctive auto/refrigeration combination engine sound was both in my eyes and ears as i was heading toward the store’s exit. i was inside heading out and with the truck’s lunge forward and away from the front of the place, my steps took flight….kind of. i’m almost sure i […]

…a note from runway 33…

August 13th, 2010

last night as i drove to pick up something from the store, i noticed that daylight was running a little low, a little earlier. i felt pretty good about it. sorry, summer worshipers. this morning, the cool grey overcast with threat of rain propelled me out the door with hiking boots and an insulated shirt. […]

it’s the ass-tail of tuesday. i was supposed to finish this a day ago. i’m running on necco power. i learned on “wait, wait, don’t tell me,”(on NPR) that these candies predate the civil war. the north had the neccos. i rediscovered the brown, green and pink ones. they are deeelish. i’m tired from this […]

a part of me rolled away from the front of goodbye blue monday on my fancy italian bike that’s made in america with japanese parts that (for all i know) are made in china that i bought from a guy who said he stopped riding because of “knee problems.” i would find out that this […]

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