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“….and what if i don’t?” a meditation

what if i don’t write about this subject? i can always just delete this and you’d never know this happened, so at its simplest form – thought – it’s nothing but a choice, but later up the road i’m traveling, … Continue reading

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census workers, rescue ink and RESCUED KITTENS (no kitting! – please help)

returning with bundles of ice, i walked into the store today surprised with a bustling little room. there were – of course – our regular innernet folks and the now familiar census workers who meet with their superiors (they’ve been … Continue reading

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what i will have done had i had the will to do what with

i take out my phone and flip it open absently-mindedly to make believe i’m checking the time though i’m most probably checking for text messages or voicemails i know that i haven’t gotten. i do this way too often in … Continue reading

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the thunder in the sky, the ringing in my ears; good thing having a conscience is only a temporary condition

a few days back, on a whim, i jumped in the car with maxx and headed out to the land of the big tire and the grifting lizards. i looked up the meaning of the word “whim” and remembered i’ve … Continue reading

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whu…whu..where am i?…, good golly miss dolly, waiting for my blue heron…..and other stumblings around in time and places ending with stepkids and happy anniversary

how unfamiliar this place is if you’re not here on a regular basis. i feel off-balance. i can’t explain why i stopped doing what has become as natural as breathing these past couple of years. it’s like a hand quietly … Continue reading

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