Goodbye Blue Monday

this snowstorm…..

February 26th, 2010

i made it my business to get out to fort tilden“during” the storm yesterday. the weather channel assured me that the ocean would be passionate and the tide, high…. i was not disappointed. the grifting lizards didn’t even bother coming out here today. no one did. i let maxx off the leash and i didn’t […]

mortadella, cold-cut of death. morta means death. della means any or of. mortadella got the nod today, prompting me to learn a brief history of baloney. oh, that wikipedia. most of it i already knew – the “bologna” part, i mean. it started out that i wanted to see my friend mike and get a […]

tiny specks of bingo gazingo zinged past me in the dream i had. he was speeding at molecularly brilliant speed toward the eighth electro-plasma-ocean of the ninth dimension, i’m was almost sure of it. i’m not well-versed enough landmark-wise to say positively, between the speed you travel out there and the fact this WAS a […]

time out new york video came in the e-mail this morning. it’s great! thanks!!! but we digress…. ….and we served coffee, too. our first “curses; adventures in profanity” was a stellar, and at times hilarious, success. looking at the photo below, you wouldn’t think for a moment that the subject being discussed was an asshole […]

…..that’s how long it took to establish google historical real estate; “goodbye-blue-monday’s continued adventures sailing on the interweb oceans” there it is. sorry – i get such a kick out of this. it’s like landing on another planet……or moon or something….

it’s like there’s a “reserved” sign on the parking slot i’ve had since snowstorm day. i leave, go shopping for the store and return and there’s that same spot. i’m not complaining. it’s close to the store’s entrance and i can maneuver the handtruck fairly well-enough to do the job. i’m a writer-artist-handtruck operator. i […]

i wanted to go out there yesterday, right in the middle of it all. i had chores to do and did them, but when i saw the perfect snowstorm parking spot, i decided to tuck it in and give it up for the day. wait a second – i have to go to the glossary […]

crunchy beach. soft, chewy brain

February 10th, 2010

i included my shoe to illustrate the potential for the “walking on eggs-ness,” of this day at the end of the rockaway peninsula. and crunch across the sand i did. it was fantastic. something similar to walking through small mountains of dried, autumn leaves along a brooklyn curb, only different. after a few days of […]

the moment after taking this photo with my subjects, maria from debutant hour and liv from huggabroomstik, i knew this would be the “opening” shot – for the flash of a moment, i’m paparazzi editor of a hifalutin blog whose world includes the doings in bushstuy, brooklyn; don’t they look partyingly fabulous? there’s a smattering […]

first, i need to shill for the next two days here at goodbye blue monday. BAM’s “Sounds Like Brooklyn” happens here on Thursday and Friday. this is the third year we’re part of it. it’s a wonderful thing for brooklyn and our neighborhood. however…., i write with the inklings of a heavy heart. i feel […]

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