Goodbye Blue Monday

seems i wore more chicken soup than i ate lately – twice in two weeks. it wasn’t a fashion statement. two containers, two days, two pair of pants. at the exact same place – my front door. the problem stemmed from my own behavior. i wanted to put an otherworldly spin on this. i wanted […]

the old hangar at floyd bennett airfield is where i first went crazy with my camera, causing me to devote a whole other photobucketworld to images in and around gateway national park and named it the earth reclamation project on my photobucket account. i mean, i enjoyed pictures before this, but it flew off the […]

first, i discovered, “frankenstein jesus in the beach sand” it started out as “frankenstein on the beach,” which made me think of philip glass for a second, then it morphed into “frankenstein jesus on the beach,” because a few weeks back, he (jesus) made it onto someone’s toast in florida. i discovered “frankenstein jesus,” when […]

FROM THE GLOSSARY OF MIND AND MEMORY25 – Recall task – A memory task in which one must retrieve information in its entirety from long-term memory.there’s a smell of burning inside my head when i activate my recall task hard-drive switch, leading me to believe that when it happens, these memories become pillars of granite […]

after getting past my oxymoronic tirade, if that’s what it was, i had to go shopping for some goodies for susan, the host of the bushwick book club because she was making “ice-nine” cocktails which required champagne, among other things. it forced me to put an end to the previous note and move forward in […]

intelligence. it’s what they had three months prior to 9/11. remember condi rice? the file said something like “”Bin Laden Threats Are Real” what did you need, the flight numbers? no. even with two years advance notice american intelligence blew it. do you want to know what saved those three hundred people on that airline? […]

…sometimes, i hear it more galactically-stentorian than at other times. the “i hear it” link above recalls the first time i wrote about this sound. the second link tells you that i have, for the first time, used the word “stentorian” properly, almost, i think. it used to be that i would have occasion to […]

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