Goodbye Blue Monday

feeding stress with chicken, smoked mozzarella and peppers baked in a roll might not be a good idea past midnight. it tasted great, though. buddy and maxx enjoyed it as much as i did. they get a percentage of everything i eat. i slept well, or at least i thought i did, then i dreamed, […]

i heard someone say….

November 20th, 2009

…while waiting for sarah palin to appear to sign the book she bought, “i look at sarah palin and believe that someone just like me can be president.” dear lady who finds sarah palin empowering – you’re an idiot. i wish there was a kinder way of saying it. this is the ignorance that got […]

…..even writes books…..

November 19th, 2009

of course i didn’t want to mention it. so i won’t. what i will do is address a statistic. the author of the book i’m talking about has 28% of americans thinking the presidency is a possibility. the network talking heads scoff mildly. that means one of four people think…uhh…never mind. shit, add emotionally unstable […]

it was saturday…i don’t know…sunday… whatever. i channel-surfed and black and white images stopped me. i stop for black and white. if you know me, you know that by now. someday that’ll be on a bumper sticker. it would be a private joke and the people who would get it would be people who know […]

before i go on and on about nothing in particular…. about the big trial coming to town, about the criminals in our midst who wear concern like sleazy hookers (male and female) looking to turn tricks for beer money, about the independent voters who are swayed by mindless rhetoric, thinking that change happens like swapping […]

so i google this because i think i heard something about it being important and the search came up with a stroke, a heart attack and an epileptic fit. oh boy. so here i am. a day or two later. the toast issue, i decide, was toast. i made a baked meatball hero a day […]

in the conversation i had with the grifting lizards from mars this day, i would be told that the planet earth is nothing more than a random-process computing toy that makes maps of the universe. that images are captured from ships in the sky and charted. the eduardo cianelli-sounding lizard guy who sounds like omar […]

this is some days after shows of brilliance courtesy of the likes of ching chong song, the wowz, pheobe kreutz, preston spurlock – along with this guy (the old one in the suit) – this is bingo gazingo returning to his limo after gracing us with his aromatic brilliance. to me, he was the icing […]

i sure wish i knew more about stuff. thank goodness there’s the BUSHWICK BOOK CLUB TONIGHT conveniently close to my home and work so i learn. tonight, it’s old Chuck Darwin’s “Origin of the Species,” the book that supposes that creation wasn’t a six-day job. imagine that!

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