Goodbye Blue Monday

sea glass and so on….

October 31st, 2009

as mentioned at the end of my last entry, i spoke about this “sea glass” thing. remembering my severe preoccupation in the past with the likes of televisions, typewriters and bicycles – as in discovering, dragging home and stockpiling this stuff in assorted living spaces – i’ve been drawn to wonder if there are any […]

when you can’t

October 31st, 2009

back to the memory glossary. it’s been a while. 23. – Prior knowledge activation – Process of reminding students of things they have already learned relative to a new topic. it is with prior knowledge activation that the young bankers knew to grease the wheels that released the regulations that held the banks and brokerages […]

pictures of great music

October 29th, 2009

that pumpkin’s angst is a picture of my spirit lately. i want to talk about so many things, but it seems better that i shut my mouth for a day… maybe i’ll go on and on about it tomorrow. besides, there was a great show here and i’m better served talking about that. i got […]

i woke up this morning after a marathon of business-related dreams. in each instance, i was negotiating debt with someone across a desk. i woke up a few times, only to go back to sleep and find myself in another office, sitting before another collection agency operative. when i awoke to “officially” start my day, […]

i had all sorts of things in my mind that never made it to my fingers while i was doing things with my fingers that never made it to my brain. one of those things is this; i cleaned my office. i didn’t want to think of what i was doing. i didn’t want to […]

our airplane got some new lights; but that’s for later….. the threads in my brain were weaving this note when i was driving to get some broccoli rabe to go with my dinner. as i drove the evergreen route (a back street that runs parallel to bushwick avenue), me and maxx happened past a small […]

…who looks like omar sharif. the reason i took this first photo was because these seed pods contain “money stealers.” this is what i was raised to believe a “money stealer” is; when one of these drifted by, i would catch it. i would hold it in my hand and wish for a certain amount […]

when i wake, i no longer need to walk to the kitchen to get cold seltzer. it’s right there, on the window ledge. as i drink, i think about how cold the seltzer in my car will be. i’m up to layer four. pretty sure next layer might be the bummy thermal textured undershirt. the […]

oh yes…the bike and the bands

October 11th, 2009

i got it in my head that i needed to go back to the old airport unencumbered. as a cyclist who hasn’t been cycling as much as he should, i choked back my guilt (though i couldn’t look my dog in the eye) as i threw my bike over my shoulder and headed out the […]

the title above are the snapshots that happened in my head this morning. i’m listening to leroi jones/amira baraka poetry on wkcr as i write this. i mention this on his seventy-fifth birthday. i grew up reading leroi jones and bristled with the name change. i did that with cassius clay, too. i was young […]

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