Goodbye Blue Monday

i laundered the comforter (or is it a quilt?) and the quilt (or it that the comforter?) last week. i won’t google either of these words because i want some parts of my life experience to remain a mystery to me. with the news of terrorists shopping for beauty supplies in denver hitting the headlines, […]

from the land of grifting lizards. the parking lot had something like ten cars in it. i spotted a black lexus (suv) when i drove in that i was sure housed the eduardo cianelli-sounding guy who looks like omar sharif and as i began to walk toward it, a dodge caravan blasting reggaetonpulled in, one […]

about those twizzlers….

September 21st, 2009

like in itch that cannot be scratched, the memory of that red licorice began gnawing at me two weeks ago. i was in the bodega across the street buying i don’t know…tuna? and my eyes scanned the wonderful world of sugar that ringed the counter, assuming that somewhere among the bright, kid romancing colors was […]

in my last visit to the beach when i had the conversation with that eduardo cianelli-sounding lizard guy who looks like omar sharif (it seems i’m always having conversations with that guy) – after his cheap shot about humanity, probably predicated on my not saying hello to him and of course, his anticipating this behavior […]

you know this is about death, don’t you? well, it’ll start with death, anyway. even in death, i’m not too strong on keeping on subject, but if you’ve been here and wandered through these ramblings, you know that already. i have little to do with any of these people other than that we’re approaching geezerdom […]

where have i been?

September 14th, 2009

where have i been? where have i been? where have i been? today, me and maxx ran on the beach and walked the paths where the army of two wars+ practiced shooting guns, cannons and missiles; this is where the poison memory of ken lay came to life almost two years ago by way of […]

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