Goodbye Blue Monday

so simple, i even understood it! and that means you could, too.

at the schwervon show last week, there was a new pianist. her name is anouk. everyone thought she was brilliant. her dad is seth f. from “dufus” she is cute as a button. all of these performances are available on – you can access shows by date or band names. it even sounds pretty […]

oh, i’m sure there’s plenty of space here above my neck. my hard-drive (and yours) are unparalleled processors that all the computers in the world are hoping to be as good as. it’s probably because of references i’ve made about my own hard-drive that, eventually, i’d have to look at some of those google links […]

this just in; buddy has extended his empire; my friend steve started a non-profit, computer rehab/recycle program that finds second-lives for the old macs and PCs and gets them on desks in front of people who would not otherwise have this opportunity. i had loads of computers and monitors and peripherals and all sorts of […]

i communicated with a woman a month or so back. her name was Amy. this is an out-of-focus photo of her. my work. oops. this is amy. she represents “the stain of poetry” and the link will tell you more than i ever can at this point in time. she told me that her community […]

it’s bad enough you’re being sold out again to a gang of bandit douchebags while the corporate vampire’s teeth are still sucking at the american people’s neck; their minions are latching onto a vein in the wrist. this seems to be the case. (as if you didn’t see this coming). if you know me, you […]

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