Goodbye Blue Monday

i went to the beach today with maxx in tow, this being monday. i needed to reunite with those who may not be my friends, but who wouldn’t tear my spine from my back and would always give me, at worst, a sarcastic answer to any of my questions. i sought the eduardo cianelli-sounding guy […]

what a piece of linear art that word is. i meant to write it once and let that be the title of this note, but i was immediately compelled to type it again and again and again. something about the angle of the letter “y” at the end and the rounded “a” along with the […]

because it deserves to be visited again and again, here’s diego’s slideshow from a night here a few months ago – we have the link to bushwickBk, but i need to put this baby in there with national and international press, these pics are so good – hit the link and marvel at diego’s eye, […]

with so much going on these days, i haven’t had the time to center on much. i stopped writing my five or six entries per week like the good little writer i’ve been trying to become. my short-attention-span is becoming an electrifying affair. i find myself worrying about one friend while finding another after years […]

on the subject of white guys once more and the tragedy of finding out that the rest of the world is catching up no matter how we might try to postpone the inevitable. this came to me after surviving the racist tirade by Pat Buchanan. this brought to the fore the raging hate of the […]

it was called huggabroomstock 3, dizozzapalooza 2, goodbye broommonday1, or at least that’s what i heard said on the stage that afternoon. i think it was an ad-lib. i felt pretty good about that. a number of the performers, at various parts of the day and evening, would pass by and thank me for letting […]

i can’t remember when i last had one of these things. when was the last time i woke to a sore throat? i knew why…my little window fan (it IS a little windowfan) was blowing cool air into my room. it was, in fact, so cool that it woke me. (that, combined with the fact […]

…but who’s ever considering that kind of question until it’s already been drunk? drank? this might have something to do with cigarettes and not coffee soda. i believe everything has something to do with something else because otherwise there’d be no mystery or espionage writers. probably no fantasy or science fiction writers either. we’d be […]

it’s the sound behind the sound it’s as if there’s some kind of grill frying burgers on planet macro356b-megaA221 and the sound of it is being broadcast here, to this room over the radio and it’s being played as background-background while wkcr is playing louis armstrong music, it being his sort-of one hundred-ninth birthday. if […]

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