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ok…take a deep breath

June 20th, 2009

i’ve been stuck on the news cycle. to take that breath, i am sitting and starting with something i hadn’t done in a while – i go back to my memory glossary to remind me. i forgot what it’s supposed to be reminding me of, but that’s ok. it’ll come to me eventually. 19. – […]

there’s lots of bad stuff going on in america concerning white guys. it seems white guys are pissed off at just about everything. about white guys; what is a white guy? i always figured i was a white guy, but to other white guys historically, i might not be considered a white guy. be prepared. […]

BRICcommunityTV’s Neighborhood Beat: Bushwick – a great show that features the art, culture and commerce. Hit the link; we’re on the TV box in brooklyn cable land. The current air mag located in the pocket next to the barf bag on British Airways flights. pip pip!

i wasn’t sure which was bigger news – this weekend’s bushwick open studios presented by arts in bushwick, the first pics of the possum, who seems almost domesticated or my sister’s arrival here with her daughters, gracie and emily; they perused the basement. it’s my unprofessional opinion that one of my nieces will become an […]

ineptness first; never mind. i’ll save that till later. this past week was driven by change – general motors going terminal, david carradine deciding he had an appointment that he really had to keep, unless the universe or luck (good or bad) may have taken a hand in it. oh, wait – i guess we […]

another month, another batch of amazing songs. i need to let you know that these performances can be accessed on just find the showdates or book titles and search through our archives. next month – miranda july!!

i booked a night of mixed electronics/rock-pop-folk. four acts. a week before this show, i realized that i forgot about a monthly show created by lola danza called “the Musicians Think Tank Series,” this month filled with jazz, poetry and spoken word and more jazz. oops, i said. so we prepped the stage in the […]

Arts in Bushwick is this weekend. for our part, we’ll have two days (saturday and sunday) of music, food and beverages. the calendar is at the link above for all the other great places to go. have fun and hope to see you!!! Our Doors are open all day from 11am we start grilling about […]

i want to thank all of our neighbors who showed up at our sake’-mojito barbeque soiree’ this past sunday. most of the musicians, you know – deep sound diver, the marionettes of satan, the new york howl as well as alana amram and the rough gems. there was another act here for the first time […]

seems i’m about as wound up and adam amram’s snare drum. went to get a massage. after myriad attempts at deep-tissue muscle “seperation”, elbow-grinding access into the knots that make up everything north of my mid and upper-east and west-spine, shoulders and neck (i think urban geography/human physiognomy), trying to breathe-out the toxics that comprise […]

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